Likely Delay in Mordred’s Release

Today I will talk about.. more progress. Concerning Mordred’s release, to be exact.

You see, publishing apps on the mobile platforms is a long process. Let me talk about the Playstore process.

First, you have to, of course, make the game. Let’s say that it takes 8 months. This is Mordred’s development time (wow). For Android, it has to be prepared in the .apk format using a rather complex process. And then one have to purchase the developer account, which cost $25. And then you also have to figure out a bunch of stuff that takes the whole day up to 2 days (provided that you’re a common computer user, fresh out of graduation). And then you also have to wait for a few hours to a couple of days to figure out whether the app has really been synced to the Playstore or not. It may not, and when it does not, you have to go back and forth with the support team to find out what’s going on. More time sink.

For ios, well… I’m still in the middle of finding out how. Theoretically speaking, I also have to have to purchase the developer program, then install a software called Xcode into a mac, and export the game from there. And then idk. A lot of people have been saying that releasing for ios is more difficult, and now I’m feeling it. Everything you do is largely dependent on Apple’s system, and well… It’s slower than Android/Google! I can’t make an estimate at all. A week? A month? I don’t knoooowwww

(By the way, the rumours say that publishing a game on Steam takes a month. So it may also be possible for Apple to take the same amount of time. Who knows? We’ll see?)

There may also be other factors that I am not aware yet. On a more positive viewpoint; I will go through all of them soon. That means the subsequent release should be smoother!!

At any rate, there are a lot of unknown factors — mostly due to my inexperience. Mordred is my first game, and it will also be my first release. Admittedly, I have insufficient knowledge to make an exact date of publishing. Especially concerning the Appstore release, where everything is shrouded in fog….

And so I’d like to apologise to Apple users first-hand for the possible Appstore delay.


Playstore’s release is underway, though. I estimate that it can be released on 31 March or somewhere nearby. Plus-minus 3 days?


See you next time!

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