First Post!

First post of the blog, wheee.

Today, I’d like to announce something befitting (?) of a first post. That is: Mordred’s game page is up and running!

Click on the banner to go to the game’s page!

Mordred is a small, roughly 1.5 ~ 2.5 hours long, gothic-suspense kinetic-VN project that I’ve been cooking since mid 2017. It takes place in a wealthy manor where supernatural things can happen! And of course it won’t end well. That’s the fun part! Shoujo horror fantasies gone wild!

(I love old shoujo horror stories. They’re nice, short and morbid! Yum)

Mordred’s cast is jam-packed with misleading (?) emo ikemens and bishounens alike. Hopefully one of them would catch your eye!

A big, biiig thank you goes to my good friend En, who helped me refining the story and Dovah of Argent Games for writing the script! This project couldn’t be realized without these two people. I owe them lots.

Another special thanks goes to my friends who have been constantly encouraging me these past 6 months: Kappa, Miyo, Suzu, Aya, Tzu, Chisa and Nuge (in no particular order)

And my gamedev friends who offered their help to me: Komi-Tsuku (Chief) of IDHAS Studios and Potouto. Komi coded in the GUI while Pots designed the logo! Thank you so much /bows down.

I’ll be announcing more updates with regards to Mordred here onwards. よろしくお願いいたしますね!✨

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