“I’ve Quit Gamedev-ing!”

Does anyone remember me? No? Good. Let me be invisible…

Long story short, I got really embarrassed by my last project and real life hit. HARD. Depression ensued. I couldn’t gamedev anymore and even now I still get heartburn by looking at… my past works… grgh…

Mm, yeah, I can’t gamedev anymore.

So why did I write this entry? Well, for one, my depression lessened and I felt guilty for abandoning the site for so long. So this is an apology entry.

That’s all! I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed anyone. Gamedeving is hard and I don’t have what it takes.

Ollies out!

Mordred’s Android Release + What’s Next?

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum, I MADE IN IN TIME TO RELEASE MORDRED IN MARCH UWAAAAAHHHHHHHHH bless the Lord… Releasing for the Google Play is so fast, so direct, I love it. Yum. I’ll celebrate with a good drink later, like ramune, iced thai tea or something. Peach sparkling sounds nice too….



That’s one load went off my mind. Without further ado, here are the links:

Demo Version || Full Version

This long journey is nearing its end… which is good, because I’m running out of gas. After this will come a loooong period of inactivity from me because I want to plan for the next project! And well, seeing as a short, 1.5 ~ 2 hours long kinetic novel like Mordred took 3 months to plan, my next game will most likely take longer. Maybe 5 months? Or worse, 6 months?

I want to level up and include some sort of game system next. That means I will have to deal with another factor: working with a bona fide? programmer, figure out game balance, gameplay experience, stuff like that. It’ll be a new experience for me, and that totally sounds exciting!

And as usual, until there are presentable assets, everything is hush-hush! The genre will most likely be shoujo again, though. I love shoujo things! If possible, I would also like to add a trap… or reverse-trap….and more shotas (read: 2D animu boys, not to be confused with the R18 genre), or course.

Welp, that’s all for today. See you next time!

Likely Delay in Mordred’s Release

Today I will talk about.. more progress. Concerning Mordred’s release, to be exact.

You see, publishing apps on the mobile platforms is a long process. Let me talk about the Playstore process.

First, you have to, of course, make the game. Let’s say that it takes 8 months. This is Mordred’s development time (wow). For Android, it has to be prepared in the .apk format using a rather complex process. And then one have to purchase the developer account, which cost $25. And then you also have to figure out a bunch of stuff that takes the whole day up to 2 days (provided that you’re a common computer user, fresh out of graduation). And then you also have to wait for a few hours to a couple of days to figure out whether the app has really been synced to the Playstore or not. It may not, and when it does not, you have to go back and forth with the support team to find out what’s going on. More time sink.

For ios, well… I’m still in the middle of finding out how. Theoretically speaking, I also have to have to purchase the developer program, then install a software called Xcode into a mac, and export the game from there. And then idk. A lot of people have been saying that releasing for ios is more difficult, and now I’m feeling it. Everything you do is largely dependent on Apple’s system, and well… It’s slower than Android/Google! I can’t make an estimate at all. A week? A month? I don’t knoooowwww

(By the way, the rumours say that publishing a game on Steam takes a month. So it may also be possible for Apple to take the same amount of time. Who knows? We’ll see?)

There may also be other factors that I am not aware yet. On a more positive viewpoint; I will go through all of them soon. That means the subsequent release should be smoother!!

At any rate, there are a lot of unknown factors — mostly due to my inexperience. Mordred is my first game, and it will also be my first release. Admittedly, I have insufficient knowledge to make an exact date of publishing. Especially concerning the Appstore release, where everything is shrouded in fog….

And so I’d like to apologise to Apple users first-hand for the possible Appstore delay.


Playstore’s release is underway, though. I estimate that it can be released on 31 March or somewhere nearby. Plus-minus 3 days?


See you next time!

Final Lap

Today I’d like to talk about the usual topic… which is Mordred.

The first build has been done. It has been sent to friends for reviewing, to make sure that there’s not much typo errors and whatnot!

I really owe much of the creation of this project to my friends. Suzu, Miyo and Kappa who have been rooting for me constantly. Chisa who follows through every now and then. Tzu who’s… always there, and pushed me when I was low and insecure. There are also Ara and Osei, who are always there, and seeing them makes me calm. Christie also helped providing very good and sound feedbacks during the crucial times. Dovah was also very supportive and encouraging. He saved the writing and the minor coding for this project (laughs). Komi also made some time in his busy schedule to fix some bugs. I’m really thankful of them all.

And of course, En who believed that I could do this project. That I could do something, and that I’m not a human trash.

I’ve been failing all my life for the past couple of years, see. Took on accounting course, quit, took on a graphics course, quit mid-way, tried to make a commercial game once, failed, tried to make money by selling sprites, failed, opened up online commission, didn’t go well, dropped GMA midway, tried to take on commission again but of course it’s not working out…

My parents told me that I keep on failing & quitting midway because I don’t have much drive to live.

They’re right.

I don’t.

“That makes me a piece of human trash”, I thought.

But En believed in me, and gave me the push. So I (secretly) put my belief in him and started the planning for Mordred. After all, I can’t make anything successful anyway, right? Might as well try again.

No matter what, I wanted to prove that I am not trash. Or, even a trash like me can accomplish something.

And En did more than giving the initial push. He helped me numerous times during the planning process, and even rewrote the entire plot himself, haha. By my request because I conceded defeat to writing, of course!

(To this day, I still feel really bad for pestering him a lot of 3 months straight.)

Truly, I couldn’t have made this project without him.

Thank you, Enny.

That aside, Mordred’s website has been updated with 3 new screenshots! And a free Twitter banner for everyone to use!

Link: https://mordred-f.jimdo.com/

The next step is just adding fixes and figuring out how to port the build for Android and IOS devices. Then release the game.

I’m so excited! The end is finally coming to a close.

After this, I will have to think loong and hard about the next plan.

It’s hard! Life is hard…

Anyway, that’s all for today. See you next time!

More Mordred Update

Mordred’s website has been updated with 4 new screenshots!

All of the expressions have been coded in as well. I’m currently moving on to adding the…audio.. Oh gosh, I’m bad at that >_<

Nevertheless, I'll do my best to finish it!!

There's not much left to do until it can be released! Yeah!! \o/

Mordred Update

Mordred’s website has been updated! Twitter icons for all 6 characters have been put up for free. You can check them out in the link below:

Being able to use them makes me excited!

On a different note, the coding phase is currently underway. I estimate that the game could be released between late March or early April!

I’ve no idea how to publish on the mobile platforms yet, but I’ll do my best!!

See you next time~

First Post!

First post of the blog, wheee.

Today, I’d like to announce something befitting (?) of a first post. That is: Mordred’s game page is up and running!

Click on the banner to go to the game’s page!

Mordred is a small, roughly 1.5 ~ 2.5 hours long, gothic-suspense kinetic-VN project that I’ve been cooking since mid 2017. It takes place in a wealthy manor where supernatural things can happen! And of course it won’t end well. That’s the fun part! Shoujo horror fantasies gone wild!

(I love old shoujo horror stories. They’re nice, short and morbid! Yum)

Mordred’s cast is jam-packed with misleading (?) emo ikemens and bishounens alike. Hopefully one of them would catch your eye!

A big, biiig thank you goes to my good friend En, who helped me refining the story and Dovah of Argent Games for writing the script! This project couldn’t be realized without these two people. I owe them lots.

Another special thanks goes to my friends who have been constantly encouraging me these past 6 months: Kappa, Miyo, Suzu, Aya, Tzu, Chisa and Nuge (in no particular order)

And my gamedev friends who offered their help to me: Komi-Tsuku (Chief) of IDHAS Studios and Potouto. Komi coded in the GUI while Pots designed the logo! Thank you so much /bows down.

I’ll be announcing more updates with regards to Mordred here onwards. よろしくお願いいたしますね!✨